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Product name: gray comb haircuts

Number: K098

Packing: 1000 / piece

Size: 22 * 4 cm

Net weight: 0.015 kg/put

The choose and buy a comb eight principles: 1, comb design for solid heat resistant, soft and elastic, and not prick the hand. 2, combs to easy to comb and curly hair without harming the skin. 3, does not produce static electricity. 4, comb round head is better than point, more can not hurt the hair. 5, combing need not too close, will not damage the hair comb hair. 6, when the choose and buy combs to try, can be in hand on the back with normal hair strength test, such as feeling has acutely uncomfortable feeling, don’t choose. 7, the best prepared several hairbrush and convenient combing different hairdo. 8, often maintain the cleanness of combs, cleared attach to the hair, brush on the combing soak in warm soapy water gently shaking for a few minutes, then walk with excessive moisture, puts down carding towel natural wind ?

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